Monday, August 3, 2009

Enough is enough

Enough is enough brother.
Last night, Rakhi Got marry with her dreamy rich boy and I was wailing. I advised you to sold the land but you dint hear me. I just wanted to travel to USA. Once I get the NRI license, who knows Rakhi would get marry with me. But you murdered my conspiracy.
Ve Buttey kyo veer naal ladai karda pya hei ( Butta, why are you fighting with your elder brother). Bapu ji (Father), you have put my name Butta and everybody is looking me as am I miracle. My (Butta) niece Kuku was playing with his friends last day. Sharma ji came to him and you know what he told to him? “Kuku, you are not good player. You should learn from your uncle. Everbody wanted his resign but he put his Boot (shoes) on the chair as like Angad’, sharma ji says. Bapu ji, Kuku asked me, “where is my shoes and who is Angad. Please don`t make my mind like curd”.
Enough is enough.
Today I was watching new release movie Love Aajkal. What a climax. I remembered my love story. I was beau of raajvanti (Rajo), but she got marry with rich guy shamsher. If Meera (Deepika) can break with her husband and got marry again with Saif, I should also try boss (I talked with myself). You know what happened, Where I sitted at multiplex, Rajo was also watching that movie with her husband. I shocked to see and felicitate to her. Her husband and two kids asked to her about me. She said, ‘this is Butta, my mango brother. Her husband ordered to his kids ‘Herraiy-Shairaiy, he is your Mamaji, say Namaste to him…..Is this Love Aajkal?
Enough is enough.


Babli said...

I appreciate for your wonderful post.You have described very nicely about the true fact.

narendra said...

oye kake changa likha likhya. keep it up.